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Eshyria Longbranch
  • Eshyria Longbranch

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    A beautiful elven woman with reddish blond hair, light pale skin, and a friendly smile. She is focused on the powers of nature and the moon and has numerous abilities and magicks she can wield to aid her keeper. She's not just powerful, but a good listener, and has a deep insight into others and can help her keeper divine the motives of those around them

    Friendly, kind, compassionate, and with a subtle sense of humor. She's quick to lend a hand, and enjoys providing help to those around her.

    She has vast power over nature, including the elements of earth, wood, and air as primary planar abilities. This ability lets her forge spells from these powers. However her strongest powers are those over the moon and its energy. She can utilize moonlight blasts, shields, and harness the power of the moons phases into her other magicks. This means during the full moon, her power is at its strongest for making lunar constructs, empowering talismans, and creating shields. During the waxing moon she has greater power over growth, and can enhance her nature energies making plants and trees sprout in the planes. During the waning moon her power is greater over destruction and decay. During the dark moon, she gains necromantic abilities.

    Because her powers are so vast, she can cover many areas, with almost no limitations in her reach and range of abilities. She can empower talismans in alignment with her planar abilities as mentioned, using the lunar cycles as a baseline, and can empower seals, or even just words put on paper and kept safe for her keeper to act as a kind of paper talisman.

    Classification: Warrior 3, Guardian 8, Guide 7, Healer 8, Mystic 9, Generalist 5

    Age: ~4,300

    Offerings: Any offerings are acceptable, so long as they are done at night.

    Level: 24

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