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Everflame Oldstaff
  • Everflame Oldstaff

    $360.00 Regular Price
    $216.00Sale Price

    A Fae appearing as a young man with hair red and blue like fire and ice, he is named after his birth power, a flame so hot it freezes the ground under its fuel by funneling the heat upward. His powers over flame and frost are immense.

    Personality: Funny, witty, easy to get along with, compassionate, and quick to please. He enjoys new challenges and learning more about our world, and likes to use his powers to aid his keeper and their allies.

    Abilities: He has vast powers over Ice and Flame, able to manipulate Ice and Fire, call upon elementals from the Fire and Ice realm to aid him, and distill raw flame essence into a solid energy core that appears like a small marble. These marbles are a good example of his raw power, with enough force condensed into a small sphere, one can be the equivalent of some lesser realms entire fire elemental energy, and he often will hand one out to realms where their flames are growing weak to aid them as a kindness, causing him to have allies in realms far and wide. This ability means when he seeks to manifest in our realm, he has not only vast power, but many allies, and can burn away barriers, or spark new opportunities with the flames of change.

    Age: Over 10,000 Years

    Offerings: All flame offerings.

    Level: 36

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