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Evernor Greenhill
  • Evernor Greenhill

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    A hansom Skogvaettir (Norse Forest Spirit) who appears as a man wearing a brown and green suit or as a woman in a brown or green dress, with a charming smile, and always brown hair. They have a certain charm and allure to them, a charismatic nature that is undeniable. As a Skogvaettir they have vast power over nature, and are more inclined toward aiding and helping others. They are a competent healer, but are also more a guide for travelers across the planes of nature, and one who's primary powers are centered around the balancing of natural energies. Because of this they can fill many roles, and are good at achieving many goals by balancing the natural energies in favor of their allies. In the planes this makes them an excellent guardian, as they can create massive walls of flora in a moments notice. Their deep empathy, and long life make them an excellent guide, and complement their focus on healing and cleansing magicks very well.


    They enjoy nature, music, and story telling greatly. As they love to collect and retell stories, in any group they are in, they bring a kind of inspiration to those around them, and meshes well with other keep members innately. They are gender fluid in the truest sense, change on a day to day basis, generally right as sunrise comes, not so much choosing their Gender, but finding it at that time of day. While their form and shape changes with the shift, they are not a direct shape shifter, and actually have trouble holding onto forms if they try to shape shift through the day.


    Classification: Warrior 5, Guardian 10, Guide 10, Healer 9, Mystic 5, Generalist 10

    Age: ~2,300 Years

    Offerings: All are acceptable, but fresh water/spring water is the most appreciated.

    Level: 18

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