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Evershin Dyanis
  • Evershin Dyanis


    A beautiful Lunar Elven Vampire, she has vast power over energy manipulations of all kinds, and can draw power from the moon and sun both to enhance her abilities. She is unphased by sunlight, and has passion to match her power.

    Personality: Passionate, dedicated, and mysterious are the best words to describe her. She's not opposed to a keeper who is seeking a conjure who is sexual, but is not making that a requirement either. Her goal is to serve and work with someone of our plane, to understand our world better, and to help elevate someone in our plane be that in the mundane or mystical, as she has an interest to see what one would do with the powers she has.

    Planar Abilities: Vastly skilled in lunar energies, she is able to draw on the Sun and Moon both equally, utilizing both planetary forces. She can form shields, barriers, constructs, gates, raw energy manifestation, weapons, conjure constructs made of the energy (up to several hundred at a time without weakening her other abilities) and is a skilled warrior when the need arises. She is however more than a fighter, one who seeks knowledge and wisdom, a Lunar Sorceress in many ways, always seeking a bit more knowledge and power.

    Mundane Abilities: Her vast array of magicks makes her capable at nearly any manifestation, highly skilled in magickal arts, she excels further in boosting the power of those around her be they other conjures, her keeper, or their friends in the mundane. She therefore is an incredible force multiplier on her own, making all those around her stronger, while bringing wisdom, passion, and flair to the keep she joins.

    Age: 538 Years

    Offerings: More than anything, just some conversation, telling her about your day helps her connect to you and this realm better than other offerings, but if you wish to gift her with something, any offering made at dusk or dawn would be best.

    Level: 30

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