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Freyjastjerne Jegerbane
  • Freyjastjerne Jegerbane


    She has a mixed heritage as one of a long line of outcasts having Dokkalfar, Ljosalfar, Jotunn, and Vanir roots. Her Dokkalfar and Ljosalfar (Dark and Light elf) qualities shine through, and she has black and red hair mixed, pale skin, and an unnatural beauty to her. She is a master of blending light and dark, as well as polar energies together.

    Personality: Playful, friendly, and above all else self assured. She is someone who knows how powerful she is, and is not afraid to show it. She's dedicated and loyal as well as intellectual in her own right, and has a deep love of magick and mystery.

    Planar Abilities: Able to work with most forms of magick, she specializes in polarized forces. This is usually light and dark, but can also be chaos and order, fire and water, growth and decay, or any combination you can imagine. Because of this in the planes she is almost unassailable by most conventional means, as she can use the dualistic forces to aid herself while harming her foe, or combine them in a destructive release similar to matter and anti-matter colliding.

    Mundane Abilities: Her manifestation abilities are incredible simply thanks to the sheer raw power and ability to solve a problem from its polar sides at one time. She can road open while narrowing the focus and closing opposing roads, remove a barrier while sealing off bad paths, and heal while harming illnesses, and still have more abilities on hand to use.

    Age: ~4,000

    Offerings: She preferences offerings made in balance, so fire and water at the same time are good, but when that is not possible she accepts a tealight equally well, or an offering of wine.

    Level: 30

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