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Frolyin Moonleaf
  • Frolyin Moonleaf

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    A powerful Lunar Elven Sorceress, she has vast powers over the moon energies, and can amplify any conjure who is working with moon magics or lunar energies. She has dark black hair, and beautiful features. Her name is pronounces Froll-Yin.

    Personality: Seeming almost distant at times, she is often found in thought and deep contemplation. Despite this she has a great love of the world, and a compassion for her keeper that is unrivaled. She considers the cause of her keeper and keep to be her life's dedication, and is focused and intense in her actions.

    Abilities: She has vast power to shift the lunar energies, able to shift the moon phases and forces to their opposite power locally, she can change a waning moons energy into waxing, or waxing into waning, full into dark, or dark into full. Through this she can achieve many things, and in the planes this allows her to convert the power of others energies, amplifying allies, and weakening foes. While this extends to all those around her, the power is even more pronounced for other creates and conjures of the moon. Conjures who have lunar magicks, or planetary magicks can see an amplification much greater from her aid, and direct lunar conjures can find their power amplified considerably. In the planes she can create powerful “Anti-Lunar” constructs, shields, and blasts using a kind of “negative moon energy” which is rare, hard to match, and hard to overcome. Her magick in the planes “undoes” a goes magick more directly, stripping away a foes shields or attack equally so. In our realm that means the ability to shift both lunar forces into her keepers favor, but also to undo negatives more easily, as well as remove barriers through negative forces.

    Age: ~6,000 Years

    Offerings: She enjoys all offerings equally well.

    Level: 28

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