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Gandralhorn Spearfellow
  • Gandralhorn Spearfellow

    $450.00 Regular Price
    $157.50Sale Price

    A vastly old Mystic Warrior Dwarf who wields spears and halberds as is his family way. He has a long white beard and hair, wearing dark brown clothes, and has a vast understanding of Earth magicks and what he calls Earth Currents to balance energies, and create changes in accordance with his will. A wave of his hand can cancel most spells, while with a shift of intent he can change the terrain and the energy of the land to make other magicks easier or harder to work with. His deep study of all things magickal combined with this unique focus makes him a natural power amplifier for both himself and those around him. His presence makes other conjures working with magick stronger just because he can make the environment perfectly favorable to all their operations. He can even do this in pockets or specific areas. Coupled with his ancient life and wisdom gained, he is an amazing guide as well as a powerful mystic.


    He has a vast interest in crafts and things of that nature, and when not practicing his other art forms of magick can be found whittling. A very calm, very gentle personality, he only really shows his destructive potential when his allies are in danger, at which point he has been nicknamed “The Little Volcano.”


    Classification: Warrior 6, Guardian 7, Guide 10, Healer 7, Mystic 10, Generalist 8

    Age: Ancient, beyond measure.

    Offerings: All are acceptable

    Level: 45

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