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  • Ghadrielthorn

    $430.00 Regular Price
    $258.00Sale Price

    A powerful gnome mystic, he has a long white beard, and wears ice blue robes or clothes. He has power over crystal energies, water energies, and ice as part of his main abilities, and is a powerful advisor, guardian, aid, and more.

    Personality: Generally friendly, he often has a smile on his face, and a look of intense knowing. He enjoys learning, knowledge, and all manner of things intellectual and spiritual. While he enjoys a good laugh, he isn't one for playing tricks, and prefers humor that makes one think.

    Abilities: With vast power over Water and Crystal Related powers it manifests in a number of ways. The first is just direct water creation and control. The second is the ability to form crystals with stored powers and magicks. He has a deep study of many forms of magick outside his innate abilities, so can use these crystals to store spells, amplify his or others powers, and more. These crystals when created still link back to his power, but can be given as gifts, where they will store a single charge use. Normally he can create up to twenty fully powered crystals, but he can split a single one into 4 crystals at 1/4th power so as to provide healing, defense, or other crystals to allies. Coupling his crystal creation and manipulation powers with water, he can make vast tracks of ice, and then crystalize the Ice into a kind of “True Crystal Water” a kind of crystal that unlike normal ice doesn't melt. Using his advanced knowledge of Gnome mysticism he can then make massive towers as power amplifiers for himself an others. Whoever stands at the center of a crystal tower spire finds their power for ritual and the like increased by around 3 levels. This applies to his own abilities a well, and his listed level is without this enhancing ability. Otherwise he can form structures, weapons, cannons, defensive positions, etc out of this crystal structure. These structures do not deteriorate over time, but he can absorb them for temporary power boosts in line with the time and energy spent making one.

    Age: ~6,500 Years

    Offerings: All offerings are acceptable.

    Level: 43

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