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  • Gralganox

    $440.00 Regular Price
    $264.00Sale Price

    A powerful Dragon who appears silver and blue, and is of the energies of rebirth and renewal. Known as “Rebirth” dragon, he has the power to reform from nothingness, and bring new powers from even the memory of older energies.

    Personality: Steadfast, intense, and intellectual are the best descriptors for him. While he has a sense of humor it is subtle, and he is more focused than anything else. He has a great love of learning, and deep contemplation, as well as enjoying meditation as a primary activity.

    Abilities: The power of rebirth and renewal are his domain. He is an amazing healer, and because of his healing abilities an incredible guardian. Few foes can harm him enough that his own natural regeneration and reforming abilities won't just overrun the damage. With his might and strength, as well as knowledge of Dragon Magicks he can fire elemental blasts of any kind if he is pushed to fight, yet prefers peace over violence at any opportunities. He can reform things even as concepts, such as will, or emotions, bringing back what has been lost.

    Age: ~2,500 Years

    Offerings: All are acceptable to him.

    Level: 44

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