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  • Grandilflame

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    Part Gnome, Part Dwarf, his mixed ancestry is hard to discern given he is closer to “Small Dwarf” Size than “Large Gnome” but his powers display fully his nature. He has a long purple and black beard, and a dazzling array of mystical might.

    Personality: Friendly, and focused, he enjoys a good laugh, but loves projects. He enjoys all forms of music, poetry, and comedy, and while he enjoys a good laugh has a depth of dedication and focus.

    Abilities: He is a mystical tinkerer by nature, and enjoys working on new magicks. He has a deep investment in Gnomish, Dwarvish, Elvish, Draconic, Angelic, Celestial, Infernal, Goetic Lord, Celtic, Norse, Enochian, Elemental Realm (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Metal, Wood, Light, Dark), Divine Godly, Divine Mortal, Divine Demonic, and Temporal magicks. He has a lesser study in many other magicks, and often has to consult his massive library of tomes. He creates pocket dimensions where he stores entire libraries, of which he is up to over 500 libraries now, and connectes them to a central hub dimension he calls “The Machine Shop” where he merges magickal energies like an inventor crafting new inventions. This allows him a vast array of powers to overcome obstacles, but also always new magicks. He is an incredible guardian, cleanser, advisor, and problem solver as a result.

    Age: Over 10,000 Years

    Offerings: Mostly he just likes to hear about peoples days, though he enjoys any physical offering such as candles, food, water, incense, as it allows him to experience the energy more directly from here, and draw in from it a bit.

    Level: 42

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