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  • Grangrin

    $340.00 Regular Price
    $204.00Sale Price

    A powerful earth elemental animal spirit. He appears as a fox made of earth energy, the size of a large mountain, and has vast power over the element of earth. He is as large as the largest mountain in our realm.

    Personality: Steady, strong, but playful, he will reduce his size to that of an ordinary fox to enjoy time with those of smaller stature, but will instantly return to his full intimidating form to protect others.

    Abilities: An amazing protector, he is able to shift earth at will in the planes and can create a mountain 18 times his own size in the planes, moving its earth at will. Fighting him would feel like fighting a shifting planet, as the landscape would change at his will crushing and tumbling even the strongest foes. His shielding is top notch, and his offensive power is unique and considerable. This power over earth means his elemental earth energy is incredibly strong, making him good for manifestations of things such as wealth or material gains.

    Age: Beyond measure.

    Offerings: He accepts all offerings, but honestly enjoys company and time spent with him, even if it's just to say hello on a busy day.

    Level: 34

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