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Granhold Noble
  • Granhold Noble

    $430.00 Regular Price
    $258.00Sale Price

    A powerful Celestial Knight Metal Elemental, appearing as a mighty suit of armor often with a sword, he is over 10 feet tall, and has amazing protection powers, healing powers, and forces of restoration.

    Personality: Focusing on honor, strength, and determination, he has a stoic personality. He sees things as they are, and favors things like training, self betterment, and self intensity as his guiding stars. He does however have a sense of humor, but it is very dry.

    Abilities: With incredible might, and amazing battle capabilities he's a fantastic guardian, yet he has more to him. His self healing is the reforming of his body when damage is taken, almost like liquid metal pouring into a wound. This means destroying him is more difficult than even technically more durable beings, as to do so requires destroying ALL of his body, otherwise he will slowly reform. This also allows some shape shifting abilities, forming his limbs into weapons. He has unique magickal abilities as well, focusing on reforming things lost or destroyed, healing, and restoration abilities. This makes him almost a paladin or cleric in some ways, wielding magicks one would expect of such a being.

    Age: ~9,000 Years

    Offerings:All are acceptable.

    Level: 43

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