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Granstin Littlerun
  • Granstin Littlerun

    $240.00 Regular Price
    $144.00Sale Price

    A powerful male Warrior Gnome who utilizes Earth and Rock Magicks. He often wears full armor, has a long white beard, and uses powerful magick and martial abilities to be a considerably skilled guardian for his keeper.

    Personality: Friendly, dedicated, and focused. He practices his martial arts of rock and earth magick and combat daily. He has a great love of fighting, things like old Kung Fu movies, combat sports, or tactical games. He has a neutral sense of justice, he won't kill innocents, and will try to avoid killing but is not opposed to it if there are no other options to stop a true enemy.

    Abilities: He has vast power over Earth and Rock magicks, able to create weapons of earth, or propell sharp rock projectile instantly from his palms almost like firing bullets from his bare hands. He can use a kind of martial art associated with the movements to amplify his earth control powers and has a skill with all martial weapons, often wielding weapons made of compressed earth energies. On a mundane level he's skilled at manifesting things associated with earth, a capable healer, and good at breaking barriers by raw all out assault.

    Age: ~1,200 Years

    Offerings: He appreciates all offerings and has no preference.

    Level: 24

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