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  • Grenvalin

    $360.00 Regular Price
    $198.00Sale Price

    A Mystic Archer Fairy of great power, he has short black hair, a constant smile, and often wears leather armor meant for speed. He's a powerful guardian, but also skilled in many mystical areas.

    Personality: Quick witted, hyper intelligent, a planner and thinker. He has a way about him that shows deep insight and wisdom, but he tends to talk fast, and think faster. With his vast mind, he often outpaces those around him, and has to take more time to appreciate things like nuance and subtlety in speech.

    Abilities: Vastly powerful with his elemental archery methods, he can instill into his arrows, short swords, and daggers powerful elemental forces of any kind, and can use the arrows or weapons to draw powerful seals to conjure elemental forces. He's a formidable guardian, capable justice bringer, and able to solve other problems by destroying the barriers that are represented in the planes with his magicks.

    Age: ~2,000 Years

    Offerings: He accepts all offerings, but enjoys candle flame the most.

    Level: 36

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