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Hamundr Thunderwake
  • Hamundr Thunderwake

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    A Norse rock and earth dragon, he is vast and old, he has many powers over various elements, and is an amazing protector, healer, and cleanser.

    Personality: Subtle, slow to speak, and speaking with purpose and directness he is one to not waste words, or speak without intent. He knows how vast and powerful he is, and is neither apologetic, nor arrogant.

    Abilities: With power over Earth and Rock that allows him to move mountains in the planes, this would be enough, but he is equally powerful with Fire and Lightning. This makes him a powerful offensive and defensive force on any battlefield, but more over, he has a depth of wisdom and intuition that are hard to rival. This depth and wisdom means that he know that a simple bit of earth turned into a mud puddle can trip a powerful foe, saving his strength to launch a mountain at someone more dangerous in that same moment, or utilize a blast of fire, or burst of lightning at the moment it counts. He can utilize these forces for intense healing and cleansing as well, and his vast wisdom and study of mystical arts in all traditions means he is always has something to do, be it learning a new spell working that compensates his existing elements with water, air, ice, metal, or wood, or seeking out a new healing energy or path to success for his allies.

    Age: Beyond Measure, tens of thousands of years at least.

    Offerings: He accepts all offerings.

    Level: 42

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