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Hatsu Kennoha
  • Hatsu Kennoha

    $460.00 Regular Price
    $276.00Sale Price

    Appearing as a one armed samurai, he has vast combat and protective abilities. His arm is a sacrifice to gain other unique powers which he wields with amazing ability. He is an ascended human who has retained his will, focus, and essence in the ascension process.

    Personality: Intense, focused, and dedicated. He has little love of humor, but does have a dry sense of humor from time to time, and enjoys reading, music, and providing protection. He is a dedicated warrior, so he gets the most joy out of fulfilling his purpose.

    Abilities: The missing arm can form elemental energies of water, ice, air, dark fire, and shadow in a controlled form, mimicking his old arm, and being able to extend dozens of feet from his central location. Because these elemental forces are centered and a part of him, they are incredibly intense and focused. While others may be able to create elemental forces on par with a mountain range, he takes the same amount of power and honed it into a single limb. His physica arm funnels powers of light, purity, and fire into weapons including a katana, spear, and kusarigama. His missing arm was a sacrificial exchange for the powers he has with King Yama. Because of this trade, he can not die indefinitely so long as he has someone he is charged with protecting.

    Age: Over 2,000 Years

    Offerings: All are acceptable

    Level: 46

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