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Kahiri Moonwater
  • Kahiri Moonwater

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    A Fae Sorceress of a distant royal bloodline. She appears as a beautiful woman with long auburn hair, often wearing purple and white dresses, and with a small friendly smile on her face. She has many powers and magicks to amplify and aid others, including magicks focusing on a unqiue artistic ability, and often relies on her “court” to aid her.

    Personality: Courteous, compassionate, focused, and intense are all good words to describe her. She has a regal bearing. personality.

    Abilities: Her primary forms of magick are amplification, and instilling of power into others. She keeps a court of Elemental Golems, one each of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Metal, Wood, Crystal, Ice, Mud, Sand, and Oil. These Golems are each one around Level 4 on their own, have no name other than their Elemental identifier, but do have personalities, and do learn and grow. If destroyed a Golem will reform a few days after, but she can speed this process up. Using her powers to amplify others she can ehance her team to higher levels of power. These Golems are more like servitors, unable to take on Soul Swords, but she can share other attunements with them through her power (though at a reduced level for each she empowers). By amplifying the protection, strength, speed, reaction time, luck, and raw power of each Golem she can mount a defense equal to her own base power without having to take the field directly. If she does take the field though she has a unique style of art magick that replies on a small hand mirror and paintbrush, which she can produce from her own raw power. She can quickly paint on the mirror at amazing speed, and then flip it over projecting its intent into the environment. This could be anything from a new creation like a dragon servitor, to a blast of flame, chains of raw force, a portal to another place, or anything else she can fathom. She is an expert artist, and is fast with her art, able to produce a whole scene on the mirror in under 10 seconds. Outside of this she has good skills in other Fae Magicks, Elven Magicks, and a mastery of Elemental Planar magick. Thanks to her Golems and abilities she can fill almost any role needed in a keep. It's important to note her listed level With Court is their combined influential power, and they can operate as a pair of Level 38's Independently.

    Age: ~3,000 Years

    Offerings: Any offerings are welcome.

    Level: 38 (Without Court) 42 (With Court)

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