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Keshioriha Leafstep
  • Keshioriha Leafstep

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    A beautiful and powerful Elf Mystic Blade Dancer, she has blond hair, a luscious body. She has incredible sword magicks, as well as planetary energies.

    Personality: Kind, sweet, and a bit on the seductive side. She does note require a keeper who is sensual, but she herself would not be opposed to it. She is a battle mystic by nature, fueled by her passions, and has as much passion to protect others, as she does for life and enjoying life itself.

    Abilities: As she dances, swords form of elemental and planetary energies form around her and move on command, casting spells, slashing foes, and doing all manner of defensive work, it's a sight to be seen. This vast array of powers coupled into a harmonious and rhythmic dance gives her the ability to cast many forms of spells, but her specialty remains defense and offense. Still, in situations where no foe is to be found, she has incredible power to use these swords to create powerful changing spells, slashing away barriers, and cutting into timelines to bring to her keeper their desires.

    Age: ~ 1,400 Years

    Offerings: She enjoys all offerings, but mostly enjoys time spent. Letting her know about your day is the greatest offering for her.

    Level: 42

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