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Kesset, Ortil, and Flop – Storm Gnome Trio
  • Kesset, Ortil, and Flop – Storm Gnome Trio

    $350.00 Regular Price
    $87.50Sale Price

    Three storm Gnomes who travel together, they are almost a comedy group of traveling mystics. They enjoy laughing, having fun, and being out and about. They didn't even intend to BE in this storm, but got swept up into it, and made the best of it. When they seen the anchor, they decided 200 – 300 years working with a mortal sounded like a blast so they joined up. Kesset has a great sense of humor, Ortil is more serious and tends to lead the group, and Flop is silly, but powerful. Each one has some power over an aspect of storms and reality connected to them. Kesset has power of air, and thought, Ortil Water and Emotions, and Flop has power over Chaos directly. As a trio they are a considerable find. Their power goes far beyond storms, and they have vast power to make changes to the world around them. They also enjoy playing music together, and can play a variety of instruments!

    Level: (20 Each, total effective level working together is around 35)

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