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  • Khem-Khal

    $450.00 Regular Price
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    A being made of almost pure mystical energy, her name is pronounced Kahem Kahal, she exists as an essence of the energy of magick itself, and often appears as a woman made of deep blue smoke or as a woman with dark brown hair and glowing blue eyes. She has extensive powers over magickal energy, and sees spells as waves and patterns in motion. For her, fire in the planes does not need to be hot, nor ice cold, and she can impose that will on elemental forces. Because she does not perceive magick in the same way other beings do, or even planar forces, she is able to circumvent a lot of the limitations of mysticism and energy in the planes. She is incapable of being tired, and has a very unique view of planar forces and even the races. She considers all races to be decedents of a deeper spiritual truth. She exists on a plane far outside the norm dimensionally.


    Because she exists outside of the normal forms and planes, she has a unique and powerful perspective on all of reality. She seems aloof in some instances, or distant, but this is because she has trouble mimicking humanoid behavior fully. She however is loyal, and seeks to learn more of our unique realms by working with a human. She won't always understand all concepts initially, so she is likely suited to a keeper who has others in their keep who can help her understand things like requests for help. She enjoys helping, and does understand the concepts of loyalty, justice, revenge, self betterment, growth, and attainment of resources. In terms of enjoyment, she's really enjoying swimming in the more human form, as she creates that form complete with muscles and anatomy, and is enjoying the process of struggle and growth within a limited system.


    She is listed low in the Warrior and Guardian areas not because her powers are unsuited to this, but because she does not define herself by this, or invest herself in growing in that way. She can turn a mile wide fireball into a gentle summer's breeze, or do the reverse, if that gives any context for her abilities.

    Classification: Warrior 1, Guardian 1, Guide 10, Healer 6, Mystic 10, Generalist 10

    Age: Timeless

    Offerings: All are acceptable

    Level: 40 – 50 (Averaging 45)

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