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Krannador Thorn
  • Krannador Thorn


    A half dragon Dark Sorcerer who specializes in Dark Flame magick. He uses black fire, a fire that burns cold, and spreads faster than normal fire as a powerful elemental magick. Capable of manifestations of many forms, his unique magicks work in ways other magicks don't achieving goals through normally impossible to reach means. He is a master of mixing elemental forces into oppositional forces, for example, creating a staff of “hot ice” or a wall of “solid air” at will. He is friendly but reserved, and a powerful ally who seeks to aid someone in our realm bolstering their life, granting them power, but also acting as an advisor. He has a great interest in our concept of planetary magick, and currently uses a “inverse planetary magick” in which he uses the negative aspect of the planets as a powerful form of manifestation. He is still creating this system, for example using the Sun as a destructive energy instead of creative, and as force to negate barriers rather than create inspirations. He has a kind of nobility to him, and has been around for several thousand years, enough that he's lost count (over 3,000). He prefers incense offerings. His favorite offering is a multistep one which enhances his power using a candle with just a hint of incense dust and salt mixed together and placed on it.

    Level: 28 (29 with special offering)

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