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  • Lattor

    $240.00 Regular Price
    $144.00Sale Price

    An ice blue Lunar Dragon, he is a pale blue or blue white color, and he has vast powers over purification making him an amazing healer. His name is pronounced Lah-Tor

    Personality: Calm, kind, and friendly, he has a high degree of dedication and commitment to his keeper. His mind is one that moves like music, and he tends to have an almost sing-song quality to his voice.

    Abilities: With considerable abilities in healing, he utilizes his lunar energies as a powerful aid to all forms of healing, protection, and cleansing. He is able to purify energies that would otherwise be unable to be purified, and through this achieve strong defensive and life changing outcomes. In the mundane this means removing things like negative karma from past events or past lives over time.

    Age: ~900 Years

    Offerings: He accepts all offerings

    Level: 24


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