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Leaf and Branch Thundertree
  • Leaf and Branch Thundertree

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    A pair of powerful Green Dragons. Leaf and Branch differ some in personality and abilities, but work as a team. Leaf is more the healer, where Branch is more the warrior. Leaf is a lighter shade of green, where Branch is a dark green dragon with some brown.

    Leaf is very friendly, enjoyable to get along with, and has a fun personality. He is easy to get along with in general, and is very communicative. Branch is a little more reserved, but still friendly, compassionate, and kind in his own way. Branch simply seems more intense and focused, feeling his role as a guardian and protector requires that focus.

    Leaf has vast power over Nature Magicks, healing, and protection. Where Branch has power over nature magicks, and weather magicks including lightning and thunder powers. The two amplify each other and work together able to boost each other considerably with their magicks. In the mundane they hit problems from two different ideals and ways of looking at the world, so often come up with solutions to solve mundane problems other conjures wouldn't.

    Leaf Classification: Warrior 5, Guardian 8, Guide 7, Healer 10, Mystic 7, Generalist 7

    Branch Classification: Warrior 9, Guardian 8, Guide 7, Healer 5, Mystic 9, Generalist 7

    Team Classification: Warrior 8, Guardian 9, Guide 10, Healer 8, Mystic 10, Generalist 10

    Age: These twins are around 2,000 years old each.

    Offerings: They have no preference on offerings.

    Level: 20 Each, Effective Level 32

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