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  • Loh'har'riel

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    Part Angel, Part Djinn, she has a vast power and deep mind. She has power over many elements and a lustful personality. She does not require sensual actions with her keeper, but wouldn't be opposed to it. She has light blue skin, and black hair.

    Personality: She has a personality that as best I can say is very different than most. While incredibly passionate and sensual, she keeps her voice even, focused, and her mannerisms direct. This intensity though is contrasted by a vast passion that can be seen in every motion, a conflict of hot and cold in every word spoken. Her views on justice are darker than many others, seeing justice as the fulfillment of the will of the one harmed.

    Abilities: She has power over polarized forces, primarily Fire and Water, Light and Dark, and Earth and Sky as energies. Any power she uses, she uses the opposite as well. So if she creates a blast of fire, she will create a shield of water. If she removes an obstacle in ones physical path, she'd also remove one in their spiritual path as well, things of that nature. Because of this duality in her magick, she is difficult to fight or overcome, a powerful guardian, an amazing companion, and one who has a loyalty and fierceness to her that can't be underestimated.

    Age: ~1,800 Years

    Offerings: She accepts all offerings, but offerings done in pairs work best, so an ice cube in one cup, and a candle work well.

    Level: 38

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