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Lorelie Spinebush
  • Lorelie Spinebush


    A powerful Elven Mystic warrior, they call her Moon Scythe, and she is a battle master who wields lunar and life energies in equal measure. She las long brown hair, pointed ears, and often wears leather armor. She wields a powerful weapon for which she is named, a scythe with a crescent moon blade, which has an amazing cutting quality.


    Her weapon is forged completely from moon light energy, its rare that a shield protects against its power, and it has different powers at different moon phases. During the full moon, the scythe can heal its wielder and allies alongside its amazing cutting powers, and amplifies her physical strength considerably. During the waxing moon, it amplifies her speed, making her upwards of twenty times faster. During the waning moon, anything contacting the blade is drained, even if it can not be cut, allowing her to weaken foes. Finally during the dark moon she gains invisibility. These powers extend proportionately until the apex points of each cycle, so she does not outright lose one ability, it just becomes harder to use. She can with effort reproduce the powers of a moon cycle on an adjacent part of it. So for example during the full moon she can reproduce waning or waxing, and during the waning moon she can manifest full and dark abilities. If thrown, she can create a moonlight chain even after it hits or is intercepted and pull it back with a gravitational force equal to the speed of the moon's orbit, making it easy for her to pull her weapon back to her, or to drag a foe to her who is resisting to her. The chains can further be used as attack implements and are very durable.


    Her own powers outside of this are focused around life, renewal, and regeneration. This lets her push her limits, and while she is a competent healer, it isn't her focus. Instead she funnels the healing power into her body more than anything, letting her hit harder, and faster. She can increase her base power drastically, and the numbers listed in her level rating show both her baseline, and her push level of power. This also makes her incredibly durable, when she chooses to use her healing power to endure damage, and there is a separate rating for that.


    Personality wise, she is friendly, fun loving, and reassuring to be around. Where she is, people feel safe, and she likes it that way. While she doesn't have a power set that lets her “shield”, she protects through incredible offensive power, and a willingness to stand in the way taking a hit for any allies. In her free time, she tends toward enjoying games of chance, and especially loves card games.


    Classification: Warrior 10, Guardian 6, Guide 4, Healer 8, Mystic 3, Generalist 2, Specialist 7

    Age: ~450 Years

    Offerings: She prefers candle offerings.

    Level: (30 Resting) (45 Max Push) (50 Enduring)

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