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  • Omnix

    $420.00 Regular Price
    $294.00Sale Price

    10% Off Each Additional - Up to 40%

    Appearing as a dog made of solid stone with eyes of fire, he is a powerful magus capable of working with any form of magick. He is ancient, as animal spirits go, and specifically has a penchant for life and death magicks, though all magicks are ones he has studied and pursued over his long life. Because of how old he is, he makes a capable guide, and a skilled healer and protector, and has studied the magicks of hundreds of races. He is greeted well wherever he goes, having made friends among almost all major planar factions. He has a good sense of humor, and a charming personality, and seems to just fit in wherever he goes.

    Classification: Warrior 6, Guardian 6, Guide 6, Healer 4, Mystic 10, Generalist 4

    Age: ~80,000 Years

    Offerings: Any are accepted

    Level: 42


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