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  • Oruzriel

    $360.00 Regular Price
    $216.00Sale Price

    Appearing as a beautiful woman with long blond hair, white wings, and often wearing a white dress, she is an Angel of Lightning.

    Personality: Gentle, compassionate, kind, and easy to get along with. She has a very flowing nature to her, a graceful elegance in speech and movement. She enjoys gentle music, and stories centered around compassion and kind nature.

    Abilities: Contrasting to her ever so gentle nature her primary power is lightning, and the transmutation of energies. She can summon bolts, grids, fields, and other constructs of lightning as a defensive and offensive option making her a powerful guardian. More over though, she can transmute energies with her lightning, changing a foe or barriers elemental energy to match that of her choosing. Because of this she can instill other elemental energies into her lightning as well. She has a wide range of ways she can use her power, and her view of Justice is very “old testament” such as an eye for an eye, etc.

    Age: ~4,000 Years

    Offerings: She enjoys all offerings.

    Level: 36

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