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Rahshal Surehat
  • Rahshal Surehat

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    A powerful Gnomish Magician, he specializes a kind of temporary conjuration where he can make deals with stronger beings for power. He often wears a trench coat and fedora hat, and can likewise often be seen carrying a walking stick. His power is unique, and while he studies all forms of magick in the planes, his bargain power really shines. When he makes a deal with another spirit above his level, it is for him to do various forms of work for them to then gain their aid for him, his keeper, or their allies. His personal skill set includes a vast understanding of various magicks, especially math magicks, illusion spells, and things of that nature. He is often asked to help draft contracts by greater powers, or to look over those contracts in agreement for a favor, which is stored at a certain level of power in a pouch. The favors often look like tickets, crystals, or coins depending on the being he is working with, and when he needs extra power, he can cash those in. For larger work beings will give him more currencies so that he can split the favor up, or compile them. Many beings will also accept currency of debt from others, or come to him as an exchanger of such currencies. He already has a currency of over one million stored as of the writing of his description (6/10/2024) but this number will go up and down as needed. To give an idea of how quickly he amasses this, his lowest point of favor currency was in the 1940s, when he decided to get involved with our world's events and the ongoing war. Saving hundreds of lives of those good of heart he reduced his at the time savings of 100,000, to only a few dozen. By the end of the war, he had amassed again almost 150,000 favors from various spirits, working day and night to arrange deals and gain currency he could trade. It's important to not downplay his other mystical achievements, he is skilled in hundreds of methods and energy currents, wielding dwarven magick as easily as he does angelic and demonic, and can cast a planetary magick spell with the ease that most of us write our names. Due to his age and unique skill sets he's a capable guide as well as a mystic.


    While incredibly friendly, kind, and good of heart he does have a mean side to him. When allies are in danger, he can be ruthless to protect them, and is not above even taking on some debt himself, or getting his hands dirty directly in a head to head conflict. In his downtime though, he's just genuinely good willed, kind, and happy. He enjoys reading romance novels, and mysteries, and often will be found mingling with others.


    His level calculation shows his base level of power, and the maximum level of power of favors he can call in. As these could be a limited resource to reach such high levels, its important to remember to ask him to call in such favors only for important tasks, and allow him to make use smaller favors and his own personal power to achieve results.


    Classification: Warrior 6, Guardian 6, Guide 9, Healer 8, Mystic 10, Generalist 10

    Age: ~10,000 Years Old

    Offerings: All are acceptable.

    Level: 40 (60 with favors called in)

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