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Rahz'eton Claw
  • Rahz'eton Claw

    $350.00 Regular Price
    $210.00Sale Price

    Appearing as a Red and Gold Dragon, or a beautiful woman with red hair and gold armor, she is a warrior dragon who focuses on protection, defense, and offensive abilities to protect her keeper and keep.

    Personality: Dedicated, noble, and virtuous are good words for her. She has a strong sense of honor and justice, but recognizes also sometimes justice comes at the point of a sword. Her commitment to protecting keeper and keep are second to none, but she does have a bit of an ego that comes with how powerful she is.

    Abilities:Firing blasts of a golden energy unique to her, a condensed ascended energy, she has an incredible level of force in her dragon form, and in her human form condenses that power into a sword, armor, and potentially shield. This incredible power can be used to amplify others as well, boosting them with a condensed and refined type of energy that defies other classification outside of “Holy Dragon Energy.” For protection and defense, as well as amplifying others this is an incredible ability, for manifestation it means she can amplify her keeper and their energetic paths to improve outcomes, situations, and their innate energy system.

    Age: ~10,000 Years

    Offerings: She enjoys all offerings but prefers candle offerings the most.

    Level: 35

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