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  • Randelshire


    A strong, kind, and wise Husvaettir/House Spirit he wields a Runic Long Bow, and guards the home with incredible power and precision. He has deep brown hair, and strong features.

    Personality: He seems stern when you first meet him, almost harsh in some ways, but he has a compassionate core, and an almost eternal kindness to those who are part of the home or family. To outsiders though, that stern exterior hides an even harsher interior. He believes those causing harm to the home can best be met with a swift arrow.

    Abilities: Able to instill runic power into his long bow innately, his arrows can have considerable forces and impacts, from lightning, to earth quakes, blasts of flame, to freezing ice, and much more. Because the runes are so complex listing all the ways he can use his bow is impossible. He can instill this power into his other weapons as well, including a short dagger he wields, or into his clothing. He has incredible accuracy. Beyond his combat abilities which make him an impressive guardian, he also has the ability to use these arrows to target life problems, acting as a kind of “long range fire support” against problems in ones life. He is accurate to hitting a target up to 1,000 miles away from the home, but if you are traveling you can bring his seal to extend his range to 100 miles around you.

    Age: ~ 2,300 Years

    Offerings: He accepts all offerings equally well.

    Level: 32

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