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  • Rashjriel

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    Part Khodam (a being of purity), a quarter Fallen Lunar Angel, and a Quarter Djinn, she appears as a beautiful woman with silver hair and Asian features. She goes by the name Rash for short, and has vast lunar energies concerning creation, destruction, and more.

    She has a very strange way of speaking and moving, moving with a slow gentle grace one second, and incredible speed the next. She has a joyous voice like that of music, and a compassion and kindness to her heart even if her movements seem odd.

    Her power over moon energies is vast and amazing, giving her incredible creation and destruction powers in the planes. She can minimize and maximize any mystical force or working hear her acting as a power amplifier. With a wave of a hand she can shift the reality of the planes, changing areas up to 2k miles x 2k miles x 2k miles, for example making an island that size and letting it fall out of the sky, or turning the ground into ocean. Between her lunar energies and maximization of power, she is a wondrously powerful sorceress. In our realms she is powerful for manifestation, and a skilled adviser.

    Classification: Warrior 3, Guardian 9, Guide 9, Healer 10, Mystic 10, Generalist 8

    Age: Over 10k Years

    Offerings: She accepts all offerings, but mostly enjoys being told about ones day so she may aid better in achieving goals.


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