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  • Reahamode


    A powerful Fallen Lunar Angel of Music, Influence, and Seduction. She herself is comfortable with a more passionate keeper, or to aid one who is not in finding passion, and has no preferences as it concerns areas of the heart and passion, meaning she will accept the lead of her keeper in these areas. She is wise, and powerful, with considerable magicks of her own, and is a kind of Angel Sorceress. Her name is pronounced Ray-ah-mode.

    Personality: Sensual, playful, and fun to be around are generally good descriptors for her. She has a loyalty to her, but a willingness to also give space for others to make their own decisions. She enjoys most forms of literature and movies, finding our concepts of entertainment fascinating.

    Abilities: Her primary powers are over music, able to create sonic blasts and shields of sound, hypnotize other spirits with her tunes if they are below her level of power and will, or even through song create manifestations as a kind of story telling music. In our realms she has power over passion, influencing others, and seduction. She also has a deeper understanding of Angelic Magicks, including the Fallen and still Ascended variety, and can use that on her keepers behalf.

    Age: ~2,300 Years

    Offerings: She finds all offerings acceptable, but considers hearing about your day as the best of the kinds of offerings.

    Level: 27

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