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  • Recoil

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    A powerful metal elemental which we refer to as Metal Golems. This unique race of metal elemental is often characterized by a singular metal element composition, and Recoil is a copper colored metal. He is a powerful and focused healer, with a wide range of skills, and is a capable mystic and student of magick of all forms. He is kind of a “do it all” kind of guy, and while he is powerful as a warrior, his core focuses are mysticism, healing, and picking up new skills. As his kind live very long times, he has been around a very long time, so knows much of many of the universes mysteries. While long lived, their understanding of human nature is lesser, so as a guide he isn't the best choice. Still, his steady presence and powerful magicks mean he is a unique and capable ally who can assist in a wide range of roles for any keep. His name comes from a unique power he has to absorb an incoming energy, and echo it with equal force either back to the originator or somewhere else. This means he can easily aid all forms of allies by amplifying energies they give to him and returning them into containers, or he can take a foe who has struck at him and return the attack greater than what he was hit with.


    Personality wise, strong and steady fits him best. Metal Golems tend to be very focused, very intense in focus, and often not very frivolous. Recoil is a bit of a unique individual from his race of beings, in that he does collect a wide range of knowledge and understandings, enjoying not just learning new things, but also practicing his social skills. His jokes are atrocious on a scale of knock knock and dad jokes, but never offensive. His name comes from a


    Metal Golem, Healing focus, has a wide range of skills and is a capable mystic in many areas as well as a competent warrior and guardian.

    Classification: Warrior 8, Guardian 8, Guide 4, Healer 10, Mystic 10, Generalist 9

    Age: ~10,000 Years

    Offerings: All are acceptable.

    Level: 42

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