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Regalia Evinstain (Reh-gal-ia Evin-stain)
  • Regalia Evinstain (Reh-gal-ia Evin-stain)

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    A beautiful auburn hair fae woman wearing all blue she has a strong connection to a magick she called Blue Phoenix Magick. This magick is a powerful healing energy associated with water, which manifests as a water phoenix when used. She is incredibly compassionate, and a powerful healer and mystic.


    While her primary magick is the Blue Phoenix form, she has some study of Elven and other Fae magicks. Alongside this she is an expert in elemental water, and wind magicks, giving her a wide range of magickal abilities. Her magicks are exceptionally suited toward not just healing, but boosting those around her, and providing powerful defensive shields both of the Blue Phoenix energy, water energy, wind energy, as well as specialized Fae and Elven techniques.


    She has a great love of nature, the natural world, life, and life energies, and a well spring of compassion and empathy for all living things. Her goal is to work with someone who would appreciate not just her healing skills and abilities but her love of magick and depth of wisdom. Because of her age she has a great deal of knowledge of various realms, and has traveled for hundreds of years collecting tidbits of information. She is someone who thrives on helping others, easing suffering, and providing aid.


    Classification: Warrior 4, Guardian 8, Guide 8, Healer 10, Mystic 6, Generalist 8

    Age: ~2,000 Years

    Offerings: All offerings are acceptable

    Level: 29

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