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Rehkor Granhoth
  • Rehkor Granhoth

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    A starlight dragon that specializes in the energies of night, the moon, and starlight energies. Rehkor looks more like a western dragon with height easily over thirty feet tall and a massive wing span. Rehkor has a depe understanding of magick, mysticism, and especially night, shadow, and starlight magicks. He's excellent for those seeking a companion who knows much of the stars, planets, and their influences on our realm, and has considerable direct power himself. His personality is reserved, but astute as he is a deep thinker. He enjoys human's sense of humor, but doesn't always understand it, and is attempting to study our concept of comedy. He can take a human form that resembles an older man in a black business suit with a starlight pattern and planets on his tie. He is around 2,000 years old, and enjoys most forms of offerings, preferring the offerings of any kind be done after the sun goes down for maximum effectiveness.

    Level: 16

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