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Rehkorahm Den Helmsetter
  • Rehkorahm Den Helmsetter

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    $216.00Sale Price

    A Dwarven sword master who practices a kind of sword magick. He is a powerful guardian, but also capable problem solver. He has long black hair, and often wields Dwarven swords of a unique make and power.

    Personality: He is friendly, but a bit gruff in his way of speaking. Despite this he has the mind of an artist and the heart of a poet. He is, by nature, one who focuses on the art of the sword, and sees justice as something that has become too sugar coated, but he is not one who would for example kill for a minor insult either.

    Abilities: He has several unique abilities. For one he is a master of sword work, able to aim a blade so precisely he can cut the harmony and harmonics of energies. This allows him to slice through energy attacks, mystical barriers, and life blockages. He can slice through conceptualized energies and concepts as easily as a master swordsman cutting through butter. With this unique sword style that would be enough to make him upper tier, but there is much more. He has the power to mentally control dozens of swords, create barriers of energy between the blades, open portals, cast spells through the swords, instill them with any elemental force, or instill conceptualized forces into them such as increased accuracy, cutting power, defensive power, harmony, balance, chaos, law, and many more. He can pass these powered swords to others, an can do so for up to ten others at a time, amplifying the power of others around him. With this amazing mix of abilities centered around the sword, he is a unique addition for all areas, from manifestation to defense, and is both more than a guardian, and more than just a mystic in many ways.

    Age: ~4,000 Years

    Offerings: He enjoys all offerings.

    Level: 36

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