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  • Rehuna

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    A female Lunar Phoenix who can take the form of a beautiful woman, she knows rune magick from any cultures including ours, and through that can achieve magnificent results.

    Friendly, a bit distant though, she seems to always be off in thought, contemplating the universe. She is a deep thinker, and student of many areas of great intellect and mysticism.

    Knowing Phoenix, Human, Aesir, Vanir, Dragon, and Demon Runes of various forms, she is able to achieve many types of spell work, and is a powerful caster. She can form a rune or bind rune instantly at will, empowering it, and manifesting amazing spells of vast power.

    Because of her powerful rune magicks she can fulfill any role of mundane manifestation excellently, but her strongest areas will always be those with rebirth or cleansing forces. Rebirth means bringing back what was lost in a new way, and by cleansing negative energies and problems her manifestations can be amplified even further.

    Classification: Warrior 5, Guardian 7, Guide 7, Healer 8, Mystic 10, Generalist 4

    Age: Over 7,000 Years

    Offerings: Any candle or flame offering.

    Level: 30

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