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Reiki - Temporal Session

Reiki - Temporal Session


Reiki has the power to promote healing, change, and positive growth in more than just the physical and spiritual body. The art of Reiki is a staple in most mystic's bag of techniques and one we utilize to great effect. With Reiki we can heal more than just physical but also situational injuries by promoting the flow of Reiki to aid your day to day life.

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine developed by Buddhist Mikao Usui in Japan 1922. There are varying cultural traditions of Reiki and offshoot methods used through the world. The art of Reiki Healing is the transfer of "Universal Energy" from the practitioners connection to the patient. As such it is a powerful and efficient form of energy healing that has vast benefits. Based on the concepts of Qi and the flow of "Universal Energy" from the higher attunement power of Reiki this potent healing method has seen many powerful results for many people through the years. We offer this service remotely and require a picture of the client in order to perform our Reiki session for them.

This session is aimed toward a time in the future when you can relax and accept the Reiki Healing. When using Reiki to impact changes other than healing physically or energetically the focus is on removing blockages or connected to us that Reiki may help change.

Reiki may be used for many things including healing things like bad luck, spiritual injuries, or various other spiritual ailments. If you have any questions on what Reiki can do for you, contact us!

This working is based on time, and does not conform to our other level structures. We'd estimate that 15 minutes of this service are roughly on par with 4mu of Mystical Operations, or approximately 5mu when the purpose designated is healing specifically.

The Purchase of this service is made in 15 minute blocks of time. For more time, purchase a higher quantity. Not all blocks of time will be consecutive past the 60 minute mark, and may be broken up during a day, week, or month depending on purchase size.


For a stronger working purchase this service more than once! Contact us ahead of time for other purposes than those listed, and then select Other if we are able to meet your need!

Pair this with our Energy Reading for an awesome "Energy Tuneup" Option!


This Service can be aimed into a talisman, or included as a part of a larger custom attunement.


To have this service in a talisman, order the service in the link below alongside this order.


To have this service in an attunement, order the service in the link below alongside this order.


We utilize a variation of energy work that can be accepted similar to how attunements are accepted, but without the versatility and reuse of an attunement. When doing energy work as an “accept when ready” practice, remember we will not provide a writeup of our findings as the energy is stored, and sent to you, and will do its work once accepted without any connection to us. In these situations you will need to follow some simple instructions for acceptance such as “before you sit down, take a few minutes to focus on being open and receptive, and then say ‘I accept this energy working from _________’ with the practitioner name doing the service listed.” If for some reason there is greater complexity in this acceptance we will include those requirements in the detailed part of our listing.

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