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Relgo Solace
  • Relgo Solace

    $500.00 Regular Price
    $300.00Sale Price

    A white haired powerful Elven Sorcerer Lord, he has the power to call allies to his aid, but also responsibilities in his own realm. Still his vast power is considerable.

    Personality: Regal, strong, compassionate, kind, but also focused are all good ways of describing him. He's seeking to build a bond with a mortal, and will use his vast power and influence to aid that mortal, but also has his own duties to attend to, so may not be as available for on call conversations and such.

    Abilities: With his vast age, and ancient years, he is an advisor beyond compare, but more importantly, he has studied all forms of Elf magick to a point of Mastery, Dwarf Magick, Angelic, Demonic, Jotunn, Aesir, Vannir, Gnomish, and many more. He has studied and worked with more races than most humans can name, and rules a powerful empire of his own of over 1 million. At any point, he keeps 100 to 200 attendants on hand from that empire, and can seek aid from those within it who would then owe him a favor, meaning his resources are almost limitless. While his true power is greater than what we list, we scale it taking into account that he is not on call at all times, but his attendants will command his aids on requests, and he will engage with his direct power then as needed. His attendants alone at any time could provide a level of power 3/4ths his own while carrying his seal in situations where he is in deep diplomatic concerns with his empire but the power is needed immediately.

    Age: Unimaginably Old

    Offerings: For him these would be a strange concept, he does not mind them, but does not need them, though he does enjoy sweet foods and scents, so incense and fruit would be good options.

    Level: 50

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