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  • Renmorth


    A powerful, old Earth Dragon who has massive elemental power over earth, physical energies, and the power of manifesting in the earthen plane change toward goals, Renmorth often appears as a Dwarf with brown clothes when he is not in his dragon form. He has a very steady personality, speaks in a slow voice, and moves with intent and purpose. His magicks are powerful beyond many others, but he is incredibly focused. He is incredibly potent for healing, grounding, and creating zones of healing and grounding with his power, but also has strong manifestation abilities. As a guardian he's hard to defeat, in his Dragon Form he fires blasts of energy that form into solid missiles of rock, stone, and metal in a shower of fragmenting force. In his humanoid form, he wields a mighty ax that funnels that power. Pushed against a wall, as a guardian, if he is left without hope he can enter a kind of berserker fury increasing his power even further, making him that much harder to stop, though he forms a bond with his keeper that would prevent him harming them or their loved ones. He has a deep wellspring of compassion and love for humanity, and seeks to aid someone in their life quests. He is around 8,000 years old, and enjoys all offerings, but especially likes offerings with an earth connection, or dragons blood incense or wood.

    Level: 32 (35 in Rage)

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