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  • Resinbella

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    A beautiful small pixie who has a knack for boosting and protective magicks. She can amplify those around her, and has powerful protective and healing abilities. She has red hair, and wears a blue dress while having blue wings.

    Friendly, and a little hyper, she tends to zip around at high speed and move about a lot. Rarely staying still, she is active at all times, and enjoys having things to do, especially aiding those around her.

     She has great power for amplifying allies, focusing powers of Fairy Light as attacks and shields, and can heal with Fae magicks which she is expert in. She doesn't fight head on, instead keeping a distance and pummeling foes, but if she has to get in the way, her shields are top notch. Her strongest power though is boosting herself and others. Given a moment, she can tap into stronger energies, raising her power and those around her. The general power raise is around 1 to 2 levels on our chart, and can be as high as 5, and lasts a few minutes at most, but is considerable. Her listed level is WITHOUT the boosting.

    Because of her mastery of fairy magicks she is an excellent choice for spells of deception, trickery, gain, and circumventing detection. She's good at manipulating events and people, but her strongest skill is raising the power of her keeper temporarily, which is excellent for breaking barriers and limitations.

    Classification: Warrior 1, Guardian 9, Guide 6, Healer 8, Mystic 8, Generalist 6

    Age: 472 Years

    Offerings: Any offering that generates light, even if it's just an LED left on, on an altar.


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