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  • Rhemble

    $400.00 Regular Price
    $240.00Sale Price

    A powerful Fairy man, who focuses on Solar energies. He has great abilities in this area, bright blond hair, and often wears gold or green tunics.

    Personality: Friendly, calm, and kind. He seems to be bursting with energy to talk to him, but his demeanor is slow and reserved. He has a kind of eternal calm to his movements and speech.

    Abilities: Vast solar powers, he can create a sphere that seems like an artificial Sun, and can utilize Sun magicks even in the dead of night on a dark moon. He is excellent for amplifying others, and can empower others with the power of the Sun. His magicks are strong, and he utilizes powerful nature magick as well, calling on plants and animal spirits to aid him.

    Age: ~ 5,000 Years

    Offerings: All offerings

    Level: 40

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