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River Gravethorn
  • River Gravethorn

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    She is an elemental Water and Death dragon who's power and purpose involves carrying souls to and from the after life.

    Personality: Subtle, kind, compassionate, and focused. She is one who focuses on nuance and detail, and is very intellectual and introspective. She has a witty but dry sense of humor, and ranges from being very humble, to very bold if challenged.

    Abilities: She has the elemental forces of water and death, giving her vast powers, but more over this is part of the job she fulfills. She has the unique ability to travel the river of life into death, bring souls back from it who are willing to return to serve for a time, and escort them back. When she does this, those souls gain a kind of purification of past mistakes for their eventual incarnation, and get to aid her in tasks in our realm, as well as other realms. Because she has such vast powers over death, her blasts of energy are a mix of water, hail, ice, and death intermixed as a kind of black ice wave. She can not bring a soul back permanently, as eventually the tether will pull back anyone she brings, but she can cause damage to a soul in this realm directly if their actions are evil, forcing their future life karmas to manifest in this life instead.

    Age: ~9,000 Years old

    Offerings: She prefers incense offerings.

    Level: 42

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