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Rorwin Candleflame
  • Rorwin Candleflame

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    A Dwarven Mystic and Researcher of hidden knowledge. He has traveled to all the realms he could find information on, which is enough of them that listing them all would be beyond what we can list, and collected knowledge and magick from each. He has vast mystical abilities, and appears as an older Dwarf with white hair and beard, wearing blue robes.

    Personality: Calm, focused, and determined are the best words to describe him. He has a vast wisdom and knowledge of the realm, and this leads him to be introspective in most situations. His vast age lends to his wisdom and calm, and he is more than ready and able to lend aid to any that need.

    Abilities: Vastly powerful as a mystic, he is more a generalist than a specialist, as his spells can take any forms of his choosing. He has more knowledge and time invested in to forms of magick, and has traveled to nearly every realm in existence. He informs us to say “nearly” because he is certain there will be realms he has not found, and intends to. All in all, he has traveled to over a million different realms, and even to points in between realms where smaller civilizations exist, or where outcasts go to spend time learning. He has studied with ancient beings, and considers time measured in less than tens of thousands of years “young people thinking.” Because of his vast knowledge and wisdom, his mastery of magick is comprehensive, with him being equally powerful as a guardian, aid, teacher, advisor, manifester, or anything else of aid.

    Age: Near Million year marker, but he said it would be impolite to give an exact age, so near may mean over.

    Offerings: He has no preference in offerings, but does enjoy our musics.

    Level: 36

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