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Rundtin Thunderhammer
  • Rundtin Thunderhammer

    $350.00 Regular Price
    $122.50Sale Price

    A powerful Mystical Dwarven Defender. He has blond hair and a blond beard, is stocky, and often wears brown leathers. He wields weapons conjured from his innate powers of lightning and thunder, and has vast powers in alignment with the elemental energetic concepts of lightning.

    Friendly, bold, and eager to lend aid. He has a wisdom to him because of his years of experience, and vast power, but often tells jokes unless asked directly for wisdom. He prefers to use his sense of humor when possible to ease a situation, but has a zest for battle when the need comes, and is a valiant protector, and aid.

    Lightning is the root of his power, and with it he can create amazing reactive shields that strike back at foes, form weapons of raw lightning in his hands, and even instill the power into others boosting their ability in battle. If battle alone was his only contribution we could leave it here and just note his incredible power, but he is also wise and knowledgeable. He can inscribe lightning energy into areas in the realms that influence the lives of those in other realms, such as ours, to a greater power of manifestation. This means there are few roles he can not fill, though beyond that, he is still an amazing guardian. He is excellent using his other skills at bringing luck and opportunities, and even further if one does have enemies he can instill into them a kind of negative/bad luck, especially removing their opportunities to attack using the realms. He can do this against other spirits as well once he knows they are hostile, going to a higher realm and then instilling his methods to weaken them in a lower realm.

    Classification: Warrior 10, Guardian 8, Guide 8, Healer 4, Mystic 7, Generalist 10

    Age: ~10,500 Years

    Offerings: Any candle or incense offerings.


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