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  • Shardriel

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    With a mixed heritage of Demon, Angel, Djinn, and Crystal Elemental he appears more as an angel with wings made of crystal than anything else, and while hansom, is powerful and deadly with unique magicks and powers. He goes by the name Shar with the one he is bonded with, but uses his full name otherwise.

    Personality: Noble, elegant, regal, trustworthy, dependable, all of these are good expressions of him. He is ultimately demisexual, and one who amplifies the feels of his keeper, meaning whatever they feel for him, he will naturally reciprocate as a result of his energy and type of personality. If what they need is a guardian, he will be a guardian, a lover then a lover, an advisor then advisor.

    Abilities: His mixed heritage make him incredibly powerful. He is able to use bloodline magicks of demon, djinn, angel, and crystal/earth elementals at will, but also has studied Angelic Sigils, Demonic Seals, and Djinn incantations which he wields as a powerful combination quickly drawing figures in the ahir from different traditions with each hand while chanting words of power that create spectacular manifestations. His unique cross of abilities mean most mundane tasks are easy for him to overcome. He is durable beyond measure as well, able to tank hits from ascended beings, and has taken a hit from a God at least once, though he refuses to give a name of which one as a matter of honor and respect. His demonic lineage is one of a kind of demon that bonds with humans, so his keeper is one he will bond to innately. If they should ever decide to leave him, he will be “bondless” and instead take on the path of the warrior monk after, becoming more purely a guardian for the next he works with, and purifying his sense of loss through sense of purpose.

    Age: ~1,000 Years

    Offerings: He enjoys all offerings, but mostly enjoys spending time with a member of this plane.

    Level: 37

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