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Shirai and Dessinai Snowflame
  • Shirai and Dessinai Snowflame

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    A pair of winter celestial sisters who travel together. Shirai is the older of the two, with Dessinai (Dess for short) being the younger. They both have long black hair, with Shirai being slightly taller, and have gentle features. Both tend to wield a short sword weapon as a power focus, and have unique abilities over ice, snow, and weather energies.

    Personality: Shirai is more somber, focused, and determined of the two. She tends to lead, and Dess follows her lead dutifully. Dess has a kind of comedic streak to her, enjoying joking, laughing, and being a bit of a cut up, where Shirai is far more intense. That said, Shirai has a dry sense of humor, and when in motion Dess is a force to be reckoned with herself. Dess particularly enjoys hearing about what is going on in the world, and knowing about new things. Shirai enjoys gentle or soothing musics, which is a funny contrast to Dess who prefers more upbeat tunes. They both enjoy music of all kinds though, so are good with any music choices, they just have slight preferences for each.

    Abilities: Both of them have power over snow, and weather magicks. In the realms Shirai has power to direct avalanches, onslaughts of snow, ice, and such at her own command, even creating shields out of snow and ice, using the energy of the snow to create a “hollow buffer” a point where energy ceases to work within the snow fall against attacks. Dess on the other hand, is more intense, she focuses her power into her sword, or other weapons, and moves in acrobatic joy across a battlefield lashing out with slashes of condensed cold energy that can freeze solid even stronger foes. Where Shirai has more width and raw area power, Dess has considerable concentrated power in each movement. Shirai can transmute a foes own energies into beams of cold and ice, where Shirai draws the cold into her as an energy itself, amplifying her power the longer she fights with her abilities in motion.


    Both are able to use a family technique called “Snowflame” which converts their ice powers into a “cold burn fire” a fire that freezes and burns what it touches, They can do this to any snow they've created at a moments notice.


    In terms of manifestation, their unique abilities let them circumvent barriers in the planes that would be otherwise insurmountable, using the cold to sap part of a barrier's energy, the ice to focus intent into realization, and the flame to then burn away remaining blockages. They can use this for anything from road opening, to healing, to defense and cleansing.


    Because they are so use to working together, and supporting each other their combined total level is listed as a baseline, and can easily spiral up by 10 more levels on a good day, though the baseline also accounts for if they are having sisterly spatts.


    Age: Shirai: 1,542 Years, Dessinai 1,425 Years

    Offerings: They enjoy all offerings, though music and expressing yourself to them tend to be the most impactful ones.

    Level: Shirai: 42, Dessinai: 40 Combined Total: 53

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