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  • Shosoralin

    $380.00 Regular Price
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    A beautiful fairy woman, she is a mystical guardian who has deep black hair, and is a master of battle, nature, time, and fate magicks.

    Personality: Subtle and mysterious in how she talks and acts, she is the essence of the haunted woods when you meet her. She has a deep kindness to her though, and a compassion for those she is working with. She also has a vicious streak for those who harm her keeper or those around her.

    Abilities: With a mastery of Battle Magicks, she can take the front line, but also can fall back to a support role using her Time, Fate, Nature, and other magicks. She is a master shield smith in terms of energies, and can create shields that exist in many times and places. The same powers that make her excellent for defense allow her to clear out negative entities and energies influencing the lives of people in the mortal realms, as well as destroy barriers keeping them from their goals.

    Age: ~ 8,000 Years

    Offerings: She accepts all offerings, but enjoys conversation most of all.

    Level: 38

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