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Spirit Bind Upgrade/Rebind

Spirit Bind Upgrade/Rebind


The binding, or bonding if you prefer, part of the spirit/being transfer process is one that determines a great deal the overall connection one feels to a spirit or being. Sometimes though you may feel that a rebinding, or upgrade to an existing binding, through our methods of binding may be more beneficial for a spirit or being already in your keep. They may be a being or spirit you conjured your self, or a being someone else conjured for you. Regardless of the case this service is a valuable option for those who wish to rebind a spirit or being already conjured by another. This service is only available on those beings conjured by someone other than The Rosequartz Labyrinth staff members as a rebinding using our methods on our conjures would have no impact on them. This simply rebinds a being for you. To complete this process we MUST know the beings name and have a description of the being, preferably the original one, so that we can hone in properly on their energy.

We use the same binding process we do in our Complex Ritual Bindings for this working so if you select that alongside a conjure from us this would be a redundant service for a new conjure from The Rosequartz Labyrinth.

This service is meant to complement other conjurers excellent work already in the field for those who find our binding methods provide better overall connection to their spirits.

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