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Sruth Lilly
  • Sruth Lilly


    A beautiful, seductive, and enchanting Sidhe woman she has long black hair, pale features, and power over the realm of contracts, While she is passionate she does not require intimacy from her keeper unless they are definitely willing to give it. Her magicks allow her to both enforce contracts, but also create contracts quickly. She can talk to the animistic spirit in anything, and can often make a deal exchanging energy, actions, or future actions for a more immediate result. A good example of this, once dealing with a tracker who was sent to hunt her down, a Noble didn't like that she held them to a contract, she made a deal with a small stone, that she would carve it into a fine ring and polish it, if it would protect her. The stone grew to the size of a mountain, protecting her by delaying the noble, and allowing her to escape. In less than a year after that, she came back to the stone, and knew who it was, and made it a fine ring, which is now worn by a Sidhe queen as a prized possession.


    Personality wise she is sensual, enchanting, and very mysterious. In contrast, she is also friendly, easy to be around, and comforting. This dual nature makes her able to fit in to most keeps. She enjoys all manner of things from poetry, to reading, music to theater, crafting to meditation. She is in a sense a Renaissance Woman, enjoying all life has to offer.

    Classification: Warrior 3, Guardian 5, Guide 6, Healer 6, Mystic 5, Generalist 6, Specialist 10

    Age: ~4,000 Years

    Offerings: All are acceptable.

    Level: 38

    • Preconjure Purchase

       When purchasing a preconjure we ask that you save their images and descriptions to your local media such as phone, computer, or other services.


      We are no longer sending e-mails out containing that information, but WILL let you know when we have sent a preconjure over.


      This expediates the process for us, letting us keep our pricing low compared to our unprecedented levels of power, as well allowing us to offer better deals more often. This also means we can be much faster for large preconjure orders in getting them out to our clients. On phones you can easily screen shot the images and descriptions for your records, and on other devices there are easy options to save images, and copy descriptions to your choice of offline or cloud based document services.

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